Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes (WIT) is a “Meet Me Where I Am” direct service program that provides intensive in-home and community-based support to children and families who are struggling with emotional and behavioral issues that are causing significant distress.  WIT is a guardian driven program, that assists in keeping children in their natural environment by reducing/preventing OOH placements, creating independence and stability in the home and finding Natural Supports to replace paid services. WIT utilizes a Positive Behavior Approach that incorporates the family culture, ABA principals, and assessments to focus on lacking skills and the underlying needs of the child and family. WIT also helps children and families develop communication, problem-solving, and coping skills to promote more sustainable independence.  WIT also assists with the development and utilization of natural and community supports and works with the Child and Family Team throughout the treatment process.

Founding Premises

WIT Targets Young Persons Who Are:

  • Currently residing in out of state treatment facilities
  • In or being considered for a level 1 residential treatment facility
  • In or being considered for hospitalization
  • In or being considered for group homes/shelters
  • In or being considered for juvenile detention

WIT Program Goals:

  • Keeping youth in the community and reducing/preventing out of home placements
  • Creating independence and stability in the home
  • Finding natural supports to replace paid services


Touchstone’s WIT program is available throughout Maricopa County. Please visit our contact page to find the nearest Touchstone Center to you.