Teens Need Transition (TNT), is a program that focuses on a holistic, strength-based, multidisciplinary approach to assist young adults in creating and implementing an appropriate and successful transition vision and plan. TNT strives to promote youth voice and choice in the transition planning process in order to increase self-advocacy. TNT utilizes both evidence-based models transition to independence process (TIPS) and assertive community treatment (ACT) Models.

Key Elements

  • Combines TIPS and ACT Models
  • Targets youth 16-18 years of age
  • Use of Transition Case Manager
  • Targeted Education and Support for Families
  • Assist with increasing natural/community-based supports through strategic planning
  • Enhance employment/career, education, living situation/housing, personal self-care community resource accessibility,
  • Provide treatment resources; such as medical, general mental health/substance abuse, serious mental illness


Build a sustainable system of services and treatment that addresses the struggles and challenges faced by young adults with mental illness when transitioning to adulthood. It is our goal to engage the youth, through a direct approach and person-centered planning, in order to tailor services, that are accessible, none stigmatizing, and developmentally appropriate. Ultimately guiding the youth towards their goals through various transition domains.