COVID-19 Information

Dear Touchstone Members and Guardians:

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation is changing daily and is impacting many aspects of our life. It is important that we let you know that Touchstone is dedicated to continuing to serve your healthcare needs, even during this time that the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic is occurring. Touchstone is dedicated to serving the needs of our Members and Community and will remain open and ready. We have telehealth and community-based services designed to meet your needs. We also want to stress how important it is that you remain calm, stay informed and practice prevention during this challenging time.

Touchstone is continuing our services with some changes being implemented to help keep you, your family and our staff as safe as possible. The Arizona Governors Executive Order closing schools until March 27th and limiting gatherings of more than 50 people are designed to help limit the risk of Coronavirus/COVID-19 spreading and infecting others. We appreciate the action by Governor Ducey and will adhere to the order so we may do our part to help stop the spread of the disease while continuing to serve your health care needs. If there is a change impacting your care or treatment because of the Governors Executive Order, your provider or a Staff Member will reach out to you to discuss those changes. In addition, we have added an update to our website at to help you keep updated and informed. You may also contact us by phone at any time with questions.

Should you believe you have been exposed to Coronavirus/COVID-19 please call the CDC hotline 844-542-8201 by telephone to seek guidance. If Touchstone is your Primary Care Physician or you are in need of care, please know we are open during our normal business hours and are here to serve your healthcare needs.


Release of Information Forms:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, THS is unable to offer in-office pick-up for requested medical records.  Records will still be released by mail, fax and secure email. To request records, click here.