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School Based Services (SBS) provides comprehensive behavioral services for youth and their families in the youth’s own school (or at another convenient site for the youth and family) through a partnership with the school district. Touchstone will work with the school to assess the school culture and staff needs concerning youth and family behavioral health needs. Touchstone will help to develop a training plan with the school leadership to equip the school staff to be able to identify and know how to support youth dealing with a behavior health crisis.

How does it work

Youth in need would be referred from school staff, parents, or youth with parent consent to Touchstone SBS program. The youth and their families would then participate in an enrollment process and work with their Child and Family Team to determine service planning and how to best support the youth and their family. Youth enrolled in Touchstone will be provided with access to all the services that Touchstone offers, if deemed clinically appropriate, with many services available on the school’s campus.


Unique to School-Based Services are the School Based Groups which, if appropriate, would be provided weekly during the school day. These groups will utilize an evidence-based curriculum entitled Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Steps-A.  DBT Steps-A assists youth with emotional difficulties, stress management, and healthy decision-making skills. Students participating in school-based groups have seen an increase in social skills, improved coping skills for anxiety and depression, improved relationships with peers and family, increase in grades and reduction of truancy and expulsions.

School-Based Benefits

A vast majority of Touchstone’s treatment services will be available for youth and their family on the school campus to make it more comfortable and convenient.

Touchstone would like to partner with the school and provide free professional development planning and staff training for school faculty on an array of mental and behavioral health topics.

A Touchstone master level therapist will be available and dedicated to the school campus at least one day per week to work with and support youth and their families.

Weekly group sessions on campus will be made available using a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy curriculum based for school groups.

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