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Touchstone partners with individuals, families, schools and other service providers to deliver the optimal continuum of health, education and social services, with an emphasis on services that support individuals and families to acquire the skills to live productive and responsible lives.

Touchstone’s Infant and Early Childhood Program (IECP) provides a comprehensive array of services to children birth to 6 years old. The team begins with a comprehensive developmental, history and trauma assessment to identify the appropriate interventions. Our IECP program also works closely with the Department of Child Safety (DCS) to achieve permanency for children. The team works with foster families to prevent foster home disruption, and with biological families when reunification is the goal.

Touchstone’s youth outpatient programs and services consist of several different therapy programs providing services to youth ages 7 through 17 years old. Our Therapists are trained and supervised in a trauma informed approach. Individual therapy may be provided but our clinicians begin with a family centered and family focused approach to assist the child in the natural environment. Some of our programs include Outpatient therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Multisystemic Therapy, and High-Needs Case Management. Learn more…

Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

FFT is an evidenced-based family therapy program designed for youth from ages 11 through 17 that have behavioral and conduct problems. FFT engages the family to change through multiple interventions which include a relational and strength based focus. The cognitive and behavioral component is integrated into systemic skill training in family communications, parenting and conflict management skills. Our Service delivery takes place in the home or community. Some of our FFT therapists are Spanish speaking and language assistance is provided if necessary.

Multisystemic Therapy (MST)

Our MST program is an intensive evidence-based family therapy program that has been proven effective in treating youth with serious acting out behaviors from ages 11 through 17. MST helps empower parents with skills and resources needed to independently address the challenging behaviors of the youth.  MST views individuals as part of a complex network that includes the family and community. MST strives to promote behavior change in the youth’s natural environment using the strengths of each system. Our service delivery takes place in the home or community.  Some of our MST therapists are Spanish speaking and language assistance is provided if necessary.

Multisystemic Therapy for Problem Sexual Behaviors (MST-PSB)

MST-PSB is clinically adapted from the MST model to address youth from ages 10 through 17 who have problematic sexual behaviors. MST-PSB relies heavily on family therapy as a mechanism of change for the youth and family and draws on models of parent training, Structural and Strategic Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and social skills building. Ensuring that client, victim, and community safety is the paramount mission of the model.  Service delivery takes place in the home or community. Some of our MST-PSB therapists are Spanish speaking and language assistance is provided if necessary.

Teens Need Transition (TNT), is a program that focuses on a holistic, strength-based, multidisciplinary approach to assist young adults in creating and implementing an appropriate and successful transition vision and plan. TNT strives to promote youth voice and choice in the transition planning process in order to increase self-advocacy. TNT utilizes both evidence-based models transition to independence process (TIPS) and assertive community treatment (ACT) Models.

Touchstone Health Services Prevention Program works through the various grant funded opportunities with a large focus on the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and Drug Education and Prevention Programs. Click any of the programs below to learn more about our Prevention Department. You may also take a look at our TPPP website by clicking HERE

School Based Services (SBS) provides comprehensive behavioral services for youth and their families in the youth’s own school (or at another convenient site for the youth and family) through a partnership with the school district. Touchstone will work with the school to assess the school culture and staff needs concerning youth and family behavioral health needs. Touchstone will help to develop a training plan with the school leadership to equip the school staff to be able to identify and know how to support youth dealing with a behavior health crisis.

Touchstone Health Services Behavior Analytic Services programs provide evidence-based assessment and treatment grounded in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Specifically, our expertise focuses on individuals with developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders who display skill deficits and/or problem behaviors.

Touchstone Health Services has been providing services in the City of Tucson, and to the surrounding Pima County for over 10 years. Touchstone continues to grow in Southern Arizona to better meet the needs of the community and its members. The services provided out of our Tucson Center include Multisystemic Therapy, Multisystemic Therapy for Problem Sexual Behaviors, Functional Family Therapy, and Functional Behavior Assessments.

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Touchstone is committed supporting children and families throughout Arizona. Although we don’t share personal information of any of the individual we serve, we’re glad to be able to share feedback we’ve received and successes we’ve had.


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